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AN-X2-AB-DHRIO Pro-face: To make the production process "transparent", the human-machine interface is the key
Recently, the five-day 23rd China International Industry Expo has come to a successful end at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This Expo focuses on the new trend of low-carbon development and digital transformation of manufacturing industry, bringing together the most powerful enterprises and brands in the whole industry. As a global human-machine interface expert, Pro-face attended the exhibition with its new products and solutions, and showcased innovative products such
As a carrier of human-machine dialogue, HMI plays an important role in smart factories and digital upgrades. After years of development and accumulation, Pro-face has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and product portfolio, from the pursuit of cost-effective entry-level model ET6000, to the standard ST6000 and flagship SP5000, as well as IPC series, Pro-face products are widely used in various manufacturing industries. In the lithium battery, semiconductor, liquid crystal and other industries can provide professional HMI application solutions to help the high-quality development of the industry. "Having been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, Pro-face has a complete HMI product line. Through continuous investment in the Chinese market and support for local innovation, Pro-face is committed to providing users with a more intelligent human-machine interface." Fang Dingzhou, general manager of Pro-face China, said in an interview with gongkong.

Fang Dingzhou, general manager of Pro-face China
As a human-machine interface supplier, Pro-face actively responds to a new round of industrial upgrading and change, and constantly introduces intelligent products to help users achieve higher production efficiency. With the support of Schneider Electric Group China Hub, Pro-face launched an innovative hand-held model STM6000H series with human-machine interface at this Expo. The model comes standard with dual Ethernet ports, a 7-inch widescreen: high resolution, high color, and a 3-bit enable switch for industrial environments, an emergency stop switch, a lightweight panel, and a lightweight connection cable (5/10 m). Mr. Fang said that the launch of the innovative handheld model STM6000H series fully reflects the determination and achievements of Pro-face in China for China, focusing on the practical business needs of Chinese users, actively responding to industry development challenges, and accelerating localized research and development.

Innovative handheld human-machine interface STM6000H series

Innovation is an eternal topic of the enterprise, adhere to the stereotypes will be eliminated by the market, only continuous innovation, in order to constantly solve the new problems in the production and application, the core competitiveness of the enterprise will be improved. Pro-face is an enterprise that attaches great importance to innovation and product research and development. In product research and development, it mainly formulates the research and development direction according to the hot market demand and the development trend of the industry. Specifically, in terms of market demand, Pro-face found that key industry customers' requirements for HMI applications include not only reliability, functionality, scalability, but also aesthetics, ease of use, and so on. In addition, according to the development trend in the field of industrial control, Pro-face will focus on some forward-looking functions when designing products, such as strengthening remote monitoring, data acquisition, multimedia applications, etc. From the perspective of industry application, in addition to standardized products, Pro-face will also develop customized products to meet the requirements of HMI applications in specific fields.

Taking user needs as the starting point, Pro-face is committed to providing the market with comprehensive hardware and software products, technology and service support. In the interview, General Manager Fang "revealed the plot" to us in advance of a number of new products to be launched in the future: in terms of software, a new concept programming software BLUE will be launched soon, with the help of this software, users can achieve similar operations on the touch screen like smartphones and tablets; In terms of hardware, Pro-face will launch the GP6000 series in the second half of next year, in addition to the standard screen, it also includes handheld models adapted to different application scenarios, as well as modular models to meet the needs of customer function expansion.

Under the influence of various factors such as national policies and market upgrading, digital transformation has become the "must-choose" of the current enterprise upgrading, but throughout the overall market, most enterprises are still in the preliminary exploration and practice, facing many problems. How to achieve digital transformation in manufacturing? Fang always believes that the first thing is to return to the essence of manufacturing, open the "black box" of the factory, and make the manufacturing process transparent and visible. In order to make the manufacturing process truly "transparent", the HMI becomes a key component. With its superior visualization features, HMI can help make digital transformation easier for manufacturing companies. Pro-face will continue to develop new products that can connect various industrial equipment and cope with different production sites, and help users make full use of digital technology to improve work efficiency with the HMI Centric concept.

In the digital age, all enterprises face great challenges, and 2023 is a year of opportunities and challenges. "For the Chinese market, we maintain the long-term bullish forecast unchanged, and to this end has been increasing research and development and other related investments." We will focus on high-growth markets and continue to expand." General Fang said. While maintaining the stable development in the traditional manufacturing field, Pro-face has added to the rapidly growing emerging industries. In recent years, Pro-face has actively laid out global new energy-related industries, such as automotive lithium batteries, photovoltaic, etc. These industries are not only one of the main battlefields to achieve the goal of "dual carbon", but also a market with unlimited potential. Through continuous innovation of products and application solutions, Pro-face is committed to assisting more industry partners to embark on the road of green, low-carbon, digital and intelligent.

Low-carbon, environmental protection has always been the concept of Pro-face's constant pursuit, Pro-face has been practicing low-carbon green, and actively responding to the "double carbon" goal by reducing its own carbon emissions. As a global lighthouse factory, Pro-face China intelligent production base reduces its carbon footprint through a series of means, such as adopting energy-saving and emission reduction measures, optimizing production processes, promoting clean energy and other technical means, and providing customers with green and environmentally friendly innovative products in a low-carbon and energy-saving production process to maximize customer demand.