The GE Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control system is a version of GE's family of highly reliable electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems for steam and gas turbine control. The Mark V gas turbine control system meets all gas turbine control requirements while providing a high level of reliability with advanced protection and multiple redundancies.

The GE Mark VIe and Mark VIeS standalone control system is a flexible controller platform that facilitates processes with a single board processor with scalable power. It integrates a built-in power supply and runs with the ControlST software suite designed for functions such as configuration, operation, and maintenance. The Mark VIe and VIeS system enables users to connect with basic process control systems while also being scalable and versatile in configuration.

GE Energy EX2100 Excitation Control system is an advanced generator excitation platform. The excitation system consists of multiple controllers, power Bridges, protection modules and transformers. The GE EX2100 excitation system will seamlessly integrate with turbine control, static starters, distributed control systems, and human machine interfaces (Hmis) without the need for third-party interfaces or gateways.

The GE Mark VI Turbo Turbine control system is the most advanced control system available for GE turbines. It is a complete integrated control system with protection and monitoring functions for generator and mechanical drive applications in gas and steam turbines.

GE Energy LS2100 Static Start Control system is a speed-adjustable AC inverter application for starting gas turbine generator sets. The system is used to accelerate the turbine set and provide an optimal array of start-up conditions for the gas turbine.

The GE Speedtronic Mark IV gas turbine control system is still a reliable solution, even though the series has become obsolete. The series provides a robust and reliable control system that is well suited to its application.
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